About Focus Fitness Private Studio in Rhode Island

Certified Professional Trainer in Rhode Island

Who we are?

Focus Fitness is a private studio that has trainers who are also experts in diet, nutrition, weight loss and bodybuilding. We provide personal trainers for those looking to get fit and improve their body through diet, nutrition and bodybuilding. What sets us apart from other health clubs is the amount of pride we take in the success and satisfaction of each and every client. Regardless of your exercise goals or physical challenges Focus Fitness private studio can create a custom tailored program that fits your specific needs. Your health and success are always paramount to us.

What you’ll get from training with Focus Fitness Gym:

  • Fun and Affordable.
  • One-on-one attention which means QUICKER, SAFER RESULTS.
  • We can focus on your specific goals, customize your training routines, and improve you diet and nutrition.
  • Have a solid understanding of all aspects of diet, nutrition, supplement, weight loss, bodybuilding and a healthy lifestyle; not only for the training time spent with us, but for life.

Let Our Personal Trainers in Rhode Island
Partner with You to Set and Reach Your Goals

Simply contact me with your preferred time to come in to speak with John. He will go over all of your needs, have a small workout session to give a sample of how Focus Fitness is perfect for you, and go over any of your questions. The consultation lasts approximately 1 hour and customers should come prepared in gym attire and a strong will to succeed!